Everyday Beauty Essentials (Part 1)

Growing up with two older sisters, my love and fascination with beauty and make-up started early. Its something so versatile, that can be adjusted to compliment any wearer. Beauty products have the power to take the sharp edge off of a bad day and make you feel angelic on a good one! I have a couple of products that, I feel, are a necessity in anyone’s make up bag and that will always have a space in mine!

A build-able, moisturizing foundation:

I use: Mac Studio Sculpt (NW 20)

This product is an absolute necessity, as good skin creates a flawless canvas for whatever else one plans to do with their face. Being build-able it allows you to adjust the coverage depending on your daily skin situation and the moisturizing element always ensures your skin isn’t compromised!

A quality set of brushes:

I use: Real Techniques (Sam’s Picks)

Good quality make-up brushes have the power to make even the cheapest make up apply well (don’t expect miracles, but they do help a lot!). They ensure a flawless finish, brilliant blending and just make your make-up application so much easier! You can get good quality brushes, such as Real Techniques or Morphe, for super reasonable prices while still getting an incredible product and result.

A blend-able bronzer/blush:

I use: Dolce & Gabbana Sunshine

I personally, prefer bronzer over blush… by a mile, and I use it so often, even to just pop a bit of life back into my face when I’m feeling dull! But for many people blush is their savior on a dull day. Either way, rosie-cheeked or bronze and sultry a good quality, blend-able blush or bronzer will elevate any look, subtle or dramatic, and definitely deserves a spot in your make-up bag!

A long-wearing mascara and neutral eyeshadow:

I use: Maybelline “Lash Sensational” and Dior “Gregé”

A reliable mascara is a make-up must and a set of neutral eyeshadows make for the easiest make-up looks! I don’t really know what else to say about mascara, since I think everyone knows of its utter importance in a make-up bag. But neutral eyeshadows for me are a must as they’re easy to apply and don’t take much technique to look beautiful and effortless!

Brow pomade or powder:

I use: (I honestly don’t know what, or where my brow pomade came from, but its cheap and  wonderful and will never find another it once it finishes. Sad.)

Big, beautiful brows have become such a trend since the pencil-line brows of the 90’s and so a brow gel, powder or cream is essential! To fill in the odd gap or to add shape and volume, brow products can transform even the saddest, over-plucked little brows.


I use: Bvlgari, Omnia / Chloe Roses

Perfume is a must! Whether its musty and masculine or fresh and floral – for me I feel naked without it.  “Perfume is something that is invisible, yet an unforgettable accessory”. Need I say more.


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