My Daily Skin Essentials (Part 2)

Skin consciousness and maintaining my skin is something that for the most part of my teenage life (and onwards) has been a very important element of my grooming process. My sister, Katie, studied beauty and her being so knowledgeable about how to care for skin, really ingrained in me how pivotal it is to look after your skin while you’re young – if you want to ensure glowing, beautiful skin throughout your life! These are the essentials I use everyday (almost religiously) and believe should be used by all who want to achieve the best possible  condition of their skin!

A Soap-Free, Mild Cleanser:

I use: Environ Foaming Gel Cleanser

I have used Environ ever since I began using facial products and I have always loved the gel cleanser! A quality cleanser should form the basis of everyones’ facial regime, to start you with fresh skin in the morning and to remove all the oils, make-up and bacteria at night. Whatever cleanser you choose to use, luxe or frugal, make sure that isn’t soap based because that will lead to tight, dry, dull skin.

A Restoring Toner:

I use: Environ Alpha Toner Forte

Toning your face should only happen once a day, I prefer at night, because it is essentially a second cleanse and so toning too often could lead to your skin drying out. Try and find a toner that contains alpha hydroxy acids, they will gently exfoliate and promote a healthy glow in the skin! Who doesn’t want to look like a goddess all year round?

A Day and Night Cream:

I use: Environ Ultra Day and Night Creams

Moisturizer is thee ultimate essential in your skin routine (To quote Derek Zoolander “Wetness is the essence of beauty”). I suggest getting both a day and night cream because night cream helps the skin repair itself over night while the day cream protects from sun damage – which is super important! Look for moisturizers that contain vitamins A, E and C they’re amazing anti-aging, glow-enhancing vitamins.

An Exfoliator and Mask:

I use: Esse Cocoa Exfoliator and Mask

Exfoliation helps with blemishes, bettering texture and giving life back to the skin. You should exfoliate roughly three times weekly (to get the most from your exfoliation) and follow your exfoliation with a mask. Masks help with drawing out the dirt or sebum trapped in your pores and leaves you looking flawless! Make sure your exfoliation isn’t too abrasive, just enough to get the top layers of skin removed for a fresh face!

*Surprisingly this post isn’t sponsored by Environ, I just happen to love and use many of their products!



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