5 Things that Make Going Bare-faced More Chic!

I really do love doing my make up, but nothing beats a couple days going make up free! During the week I’ll generally wear make up as little as possible and still like looking like I’ve put a bit of effort in! So here are 5 things I do, to make going make up free more chic!

  1. Getting your brows tinted and shaped:

A brow tint and shape will add some subtle definition to your face without having to fill in your draw on your brows! Eyebrows have become such a important feature of the modern girl’s face and I really believe a good shape and tint can do wonders to a bare face. For people with lighter hair, don’t fear getting a brow tint, just ensure you go to a salon where they can accommodate for your lighter coloring.

2.   Lash tint and lift:

Especially for those of us not blessed with beautiful dark lashes, a lash tint can be an absolute game changer! Try go for a blue black tint and not just black, as blue black gives them a more intense color (don’t worry they don’t look blue at all!). A lash tint will allow you to look like you have naturally dark lashes without packing on the mascara. A lash lift could be thought of as anoptional extra! A lash tint alone looks amazing but getting a lash lift will give you beautiful curled lashed for up to 8 weeks!(think of it as a perm for your  lashes)

*I would suggest a lash lift and tint over lash extensions, although they look amazing they do tend to be a lot of up keep and do have some risks. Whereas a tint and lift will gently fade over time without the worry of messy looking lashes!

3.   Mask and Exfoliate:

Ensuring glowing skin without having to use foundation can be difficult. Exfoliation and masking 3 times a week will make sure your skin never looks dull and will promote a youthful glow! It’ll also decrease your breakouts and the appearance of blackheads. For those with more of an oily complexion I would suggest a clay-based mask, while those with dryer skin should use a gel or creme-based mask, to guarantee your mask won’t upset your skin’s balance!

4.  Using a Tinted Moisturizer:

A good tinted moisturizer or BB cream can be your savior on a bad skin day! We often feel like as soon as our skin goes through a rough patch, we need to increase the coverage of our make up. This can just lead to your breakout lasting longer. What you need to do is apply little or no make up, to allow your skin to breathe and heal itself! BB cream will also give your skin a more even tone and texture, on days where you aren’t feeling like applying a full face!

5.  A Neutral Lip Tint or Liner:

On days when I’m not wearing make up, a neutral lip tint or liner will bring a little bit of life back to your face! Go for a fresh rosey-toned tint to give your face a healthy glow. I apply mine not only on my lips, but subtle amounts on the apples of my cheeks and even eyelids! Lip tint is a very versatile product and will definitely make going bare-faced a bit more chic!



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