A Different Virgin Active Class a Day

I’ve never really been  one to take classes at Virgin, I generally just stick to workouts I’ve found and the odd 24 or yoga class. So I thought for 5 days I would do a different class everyday and try branch out a little!

Monday: Ride

Ride is a spinning class and although I have done a bit of spinning in the past, I’ve always done it on my own. The class was packed (so I suggest booking) and the music was pumping. Overall it was such a positive atmosphere! The workout was a challenging 50 minutes, but I loved it because I felt like I had really worked hard afterwards. Definitely bring water and a towel – because you’ll get damn hot. But it really is a fun workout and I’m so glad I tried it out! Prepare to sweat.

Difficulty: 3.5\\/5

Tuesday: Barre 180

I was a little apprehensive going into this class, since the instructor was a teensy, older lady and its fair to say I definitely didn’t expect it to be challenging at all. But as the class gained some momentum after our warm up, I noticed how each exercise really targeted and worked specific parts of my body! Barre is a combo between basic ballet positions, palates and yoga and is intended to tone and lengthen your muscles (Victoria’s Secret models love these classes!). Although this wasn’t an intensely challenging class, if you want to tighten and tone your body, (especially arms and legs) this is a brilliant class to do!

Difficulty: 2/5

Wednesday: The Grid

When I arrived to my grid class, our instructor was 10 minutes late and so she decided we would do a mash up between the 24 and Grid classes. It was probably thee most intense 30 minutes of exercise I’ve done all month. It is a HIIT pyramid workout consisting of cardio and lots of lower body exercises that you do for 15 minutes and then the inverse for the remaining 15 (with minimal breaks). Its a class that definitely satisfies your daily dose of exercise and leaves you red and panting for a while. I loved it because you really felt like you had exhausted your body by the end and really made your workout time worth it!

Difficulty: 4/5

Thursday: Express Abs

So I thought I would try one of the express classes before a usual workout. I loved this workout! It was a good 15 minutes of intense ab work and it made it so easy to get in a bit of abs before I moved on to the rest of my workout. Its a quick, ab central workout – so if you want to get your ab workout in for the day/week/month definitely give this class a try!

Difficulty: 2.5/5

Friday: 24

Although I have done a few 24 classes in the past, I thought I would end my week off with this one – since I know its guaranteed to be a good workout! Its an intense 30 minutes of lots of cardio and a combo of upper and lower body exercises! I have always enjoyed this class and think you have to give it a try.

Difficulty: 4/5


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