My July Monthly Favorites!

There have been a few things this month that Ive really enjoyed, being food, products, workouts, restaurants, music etc. So I thought I would start doing monthly favorites for my top 5 favorite things every month!

Love Island:

Shamefully, I have to admit that I love trash TV. Love it. So when I decided to start watching “Love Island”, I was hooked! If you’re a fan of trashy, overly dramatic TV shows as much as I am – I can guarantee you’ll be obsessed with Love Island and probably end up binging watching all 50-something episodes of this hilarious, ridiculous season.

Skin Republic Face Masks:

I tried the Charcoal Oxygen mask as well as the Brightening Vitamin C mask this past month. I loved them, they left my skin feeling deeply cleansed without stripping my face of moisture. I was left with dewy, supple, bright skin and would recommend these masks to everyone! They are individually packed so that keeps each mask fresh and sanitary, as well as there being a huge range of masks you can choose from depending on whatever situation your skin is in!

Voluspa “Suede Blanc” Candle:

My sister bought this candle a few months ago and I was absolutely obsessed with it! It smells like the best smelling man you could imagine. But without being too heavy or musky this candle is fresh, manly and delicious. Voluspa candles are around R400 in South Africa, but you can find them for cheaper prices online! If you’re a candle lover you’ll froth for these.

Nespresso Rosabaya Pods:

I have a little Nespresso machine in my room, that I love. Ive always enjoyed the Rosabaya pods, but I had never bought them on their own just in a mix of others. So this month I bought a pack of them and they’ve definitely become my fave. Such a delicious everyday coffee, nothing too intense and just a bit floral!

Revlon Creme Eye Shadow:

I was doing a little make up shop and decided to try these out, as a more affordable alternative to Mac’s “All That Glitters” eye-shaddow, that I use most days! So I swatched the Revlon Creme shadow in the color “Praline” (730) and it is absolutely amazing. A beautiful, long-wearing, crease-free creme shadow that was only R100 and it stayed looking beautiful on my eyes all day! I would definitely recommend this to all gals looking for a fresh, feminine and versatile eye colour.

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