My Top 3 Brunch Spots in the Cape!

I love, love a good brunch and when its in a beautiful restaurant, even more so. I have to admit, that eating out for brunch is a bit of a weakness for me. My boyfriend and I do it way too often on the weekends! Being in the Cape for the past 3 years I’ve found a few spots that I really adore and have almost grown a sense of loyalty towards. These are a few of my favorite spots that I’ve been to and if you haven’t been already, you have to check them out!


Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch

Since I study in Stellenbosch, Meraki has become my go to place – a few of my friends even refer to me as a “Meraki ambassador”. If I need a delicious coffee, I’m there. They also have incredible breakfast and lunch options and occasionally, also a harvest table out during lunch too. Two things you have to try would be, the gluten-free Almond a Ricotta cake as well as the Wild Mushrooms on toast and obviously any of their coffees. I basically live at Meraki, I love it – you definitely will too and if you live in Stellenbosch and haven’t been there yet, i’m severely disappointed.


Mouille Point, CT

Lily’s is a beautiful breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant in Mouille Point, Cape Town. The setting is incredible, with a view of the ocean and the fresh ocean breeze – this spot is thee ideal brunch location! Strong, delicious, Italian coffees, juices and so many brunch options to choose from, you’ll fall in love with this little coastal gem! The “Not Another French Toast” and “Exotic Mushrooms” toast are decedent and insanely flavorful – definitely give them a try if you feel like being a little naughty. But there are also a plethora of healthy options, the “Alotta Almond” which, is Vegan, Dairy-free and Gluten-free, takes first place for me!

Four and Twenty:

Wynberg, CT

Definitely book in advance, for this little beauty of a brunch spot – or you might find yourself like my boyfriend and I – drinking a terrible coffee at a bar down the street while you wait for 45 minutes.  Learn from our mistakes. I couldn’t have been happier to discover that enduring the wait and weak coffee was more than worth it, for a table for two at Four and Twenty! The Green Eggs and Ham and the Breakfast Tartine – were both so savory and satisfying, I would have to recommend them – but from what I’ve heard and seen, just about everything on the menu is amazing. Apart from the delicious brunch and coffee they also had an array of delicate, delicious cakes and treats that you have to try as a post-brunch treat. Give this place a try and thank me later.




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