My 21st Birthday Blog!

I had the most lovely, relaxed 21st birthday at home with my family and got absolutely spoilt! So I thought I would share a few little moments and photos from the day. It was super relaxed during my university “half-term”, so I couldn’t do anything too crazy because everyone had tons of work during that holiday (But I’ll keep ya updated if I do anything special with my friends to celebrate!). I really had the most wonderful birthday and spent such a beautiful day with my family!

My beaut little birthday breakfast! thinking that if I was going to be eating cake and drinking champagne all day, I might as well try starting off with something healthy. This was a delicious berry and almond bowl, super simple and summery!
The most insane birthday cake, that I made myself (not as sad as it sounds, I love it, I promise). It was Jamie Oliver’s Chocolate Celebration Cake – so a pretty fitting cake to make for my 21st birthday. Layers of crunchy chocolate ganache, rose nougat and chocolate cake. Fair to say, this cake was ridiculous.
Got a few beautiful Le Creusets to add to my collection – I’m absolutely obsessed with them. Especially the copper knob on the seagreen pan!
These were a few of the other beautiful gifts I got spoilt with! A really pretty, rose gold cuff bracelet and matching earings, some new perfume “Elizabeth Arden White Tea”, a beautiful new pair of Ray Bans and the prettiest white orchid!
My parents, knowing how obsessed I am with animals, booked us to go and visit this amazing little elephant herd – it was absolutely incredible interacting with them!
This wasn’t actually on my birthday but on my “fake birthday” with my boyfriend when I got back to University. I got insanely spoilt by him and we went for dinner and drinks as well, which is where this photo was from! Thee best night Xx

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