My August Favorites!

Excuse the latest “August Favorites” post, due to me being up to my eyeballs in work! But I thought I would do one anyway because I really had a few things I loved over the month of August!

Made in Chelsea Ibiza:

Theres no doubt that I absolutely love a bit of trash, reality TV. But in the case of Made in Chelsea, of which I am a die hard fan, you don’t have to feel too trashy. This is mainly because it comprises of young, beautiful Chelsea 20-somethings drinking prossecco and having the odd yacht party. This season of MiC is just as good as every other and I definitely recommend that if you’re a fan of mildly scripted reality TV, you have to give it a watch!

Tammy Hembrow Workouts:

Tammy Hembrow, if you haven’t heard of her or given her a sneaky stalk on instagram,  is a youtuber, fitness model and ambassador for Chloe Kardashian’s Good American jeans. She is also pretty well known for her enviable booty. With that in mind, when I was looking for a leg and bum workout online and came across hers on youtube and I had to try it out. It was a super hard workout that left my legs feeling like jelly. Definitely, definitely try out her workouts if you want to work on strengthening your legs, rounding your bum and burning a good whack of calories!

Here’s the video of the workout I did and loved!

Chanel Chance “Eau Fraiche”:

I’ve always loved this fragrance but my roommate getting a bottle of it this last month really reminded me of how insanely elegant, classic, fresh and floral this scent is. With spring / summer coming up I couldn’t imagine a more fitting fragrance! So if you’re looking for a new perfume for the summer, I would highly recommend you give this one a try. If you, like me, are obsessed with fresh scents this will quickly become a new fave of yours!

Vogue eyewear by Gigi Hadid:

This eyewear range has been out for a good while now and I loved it from the first few photos I saw out on the internet. But now you can pick up any of the glasses from the range, at Sunglass Hut in South Africa, which is so exciting. New launches generally take a while to come out in SA and this was one I was anticipating highly. My favorite pair from the collection have to be the classic, black cat eye sunnies. Im definitely looking forward to picking them up sometime soon, to add a bit of elegance to my summer wardrobe!

“Twig” Mac Cosmetics Creme Lipstick:

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this little beauty featuring on my insta-story. I absolutely love this versatile shade, it has a creamy, natural finish and could even be applied without any make up, just to add a dash of colour to freshen up your face! I use it every day and it is a firm favorite of mine as well as my two sisters’ – definitely an essential in any make up bag!

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