My Top 3 Make Up Tips


I am most definitely not a make up artist, but it is something I love spending time on! Over the years, doing my own make up, I’ve picked up a few tricks and tips on how to do make up both beautifully and efficiently! These are a few tricks I use whenever I apply my make up, making my application such a breeze, without compromising any of the glam.

Powder BEFORE Foundation:

It may sound bizarre, to apply your powder before you’ve applied liquid foundation – but it really does leave a beautiful, airbrushed finish. Make sure you’re using a translucent powder, because its more finely milled than a powder foundation (which might end up looking a bit “cakey”). Basically, its as easy as brushing a thin layer of translucent powder all over the face before you apply your foundation. I never used to use powder, but this method still allows dewiness, while prolonging your wear time, preventing creasing and giving you a beautiful glowy, airbrushed face!

I use: Elizabeth Arden Tranclucent

Lipstick 3 ways:

Lipstick is a super versatile little product and can be used in so many more ways than just making your lips look pretty! My 3 uses for lipstick are, the obvious, using on the lips firstly, but lipstick also works as a brilliant cream blush (in fact, this is what most make up artists tend to do). Lipstick, as a cream blush, mimics the texture of the skin, unlike a powder blush, giving you a dewy, rosy, cheek! My third use for lipstick, is as an eyeshadow. I would add a small pop of lipstick to my finger and pat it on the lid, to give a light bit of color to wake up the face! (This is obviously for days when you’re keeping make up simple and just need a little bit of color on the eye).

Speedy Bronze and Highlight:

I love a bronzed, glowy make up look – its my “go-to” every time! On days when time is minimal, I still love getting a little beachy-glow, so this is how I do a super speedy, effortless bronze and highlight! With my powder bronzer, I apply it with a fairly fluffy brush, in a 3 formation on either side of my face. Starting at the middle of the forehead, tracing along the hairline downwards past the eye and then inwards along the cheek bone, once again downwards past the ear and jaw; and then inwards along the jawline! (ill insert a picture to make it easier to follow) But basically repeat this 3 formation on either side of your face, until you’re as bronzed as you like!


Then with your highlight, powder or cream, pop little deposits of it on the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, chin and cheek bones (above your bronzer) and you’ll be gleaming and ready to go!

So let me know if you use any of these little tips and tricks! I hope they work as well for you as they have for me, becoming some of your top tools to use when applying your make up!




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