My Summer Essentials

With this past Winter having been so cold, I couldn’t possibly be more excited for Summer! I’ve been craving days spent on the beach and drinking an ice cold cocktail by the pool. I mean, who wouldn’t? So this is a list of my essentials, that’ll make for a banger of a Summer!

Matte and Shimmery Bronzer:

I’m someone who loves a “year-round” bronze, but for those of you who don’t, Summer is the perfect time to crack your bronzers out again! Having both a shimmery and matte bronzer on hand is super useful. Using the matte for a subtle glow and shimmery bronze for when you want to achieve a look thats a bit more glamorous. Popping a touch of bronze on your face during summer really elevates any look; because who wouldn’t want to look golden and glowing?

I use: Dolce and Gabbana “Solei” and MAC “Gold Deposit”

BB Cream:

Applying thicker foundations during the summer months, always leaves my skin feeling “cakey”. What you ideally want to be using during those sweltering summer days, is a BB cream. BB creams give you a flawless finish, with light coverage that evens out the skin tone and leaves you with a dewy, radiant skin. Once applied you can then go in with concealer and place it in areas that need more coverage, without having such heavy coverage all over your face!

I use: Garnier BB Cream in “Light”

Refreshing Facial Mist:

This product is defintely not necessary,  but having a facial mist on hand during those warmer days, really is a treat. To spritz on your face at the beach or if you want to give your skin a little burst of moisture throughout the day – facial mists a the product to go with!

I use: Vichy’s Mineralized Water

Light, Fresh Fragrances:

You really don’t want to be wearing sickly sweet, heavy, wintery fragrances during summer. They just become a bit too overpowering and musky (reminding me of the famous line from Mean Girls “You smell like a baby prostitute”). For the summer months rather choose cleaner, fresher, floral fragrances that compliment the warm weather beautifully.

I use: Bvlgari “Omnia” and Elizabeth Arden “White Tea”

Gradual Tanning Lotion:

I love using a gradual tanning lotion during summer, just to top-up and even out your tan! Especially, during the first few weeks of summer, the little bit of extra bronze provided by gradual tanners is highly appreciated.

I use: Dove “Summer Glow”


Apart from looking trendy during the summer, sunglasses are super essential, as our eyes take a lot of strain in the hot sun. Grab yourself some glasses with good UV protection – investing in a quality pair is never a bad idea!

I wear: Rayban “Hexagonal Flats”


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