The Eggs Benedict Index

If I had to think of a meal, that you could find on almost any breakfast/brunch menu anywhere – an Eggs Benedict is what comes to mind first. Although its simple in concept, there are a few elements that really have to be done well to result in an incredible, buttery, indulgent breakfast. When having breakfast out in Cape Town recently, I realized that an Eggs Benedict is a pretty solid medium in determining how “worth it” a restaurant is at its price, as well as the quality of their food. This is why I decided to create an “Eggs Benedict Index”, this is a post I’ll be updating often, giving my take on Benedicts (with help from my friends and boyfriend) around the Cape.  So I hope you like keeping up with my little experimental food adventure and that it can be useful when choosing breakfasty, brunch spots in the future!

Melissa’s, Newlands :

Melissa’s keeps their menu items super simple and delicious. Their eggs benedict is nothing out of the ordinary, but every element is made really well. Crispy bacon, poached eggs and a buttery hollandaise is all you can ask for from a benedict and Melissa’s definitely delivers. So if you’re looking for an affordable, quaint, brunch spot with a solid Benny, Melissa’s is the place to go.

Jarryd’s, Seapoint:

Jarryd’s, apart from having the most delicious coffees, has a pretty insane breakfast/brunch menu. When concerning their eggs benedict, Jarryd’s is definitely not your “basic bennys”. They have a “Benedict Bar” portion of their brunch menu, with options like, espresso brisket or mushroom and artichoke benedicts. They do their traditional benedict well, with a smooth, rich hollandaise. But when considering the price point, if you want an “everyday benedict” somewhere like melissa’s would be more fitting considering the super reasonable prices, for an equally as delicious benny. But if you feel like a benedict with a bit more sass, Jarryd’s is definitely the best choice – with so many delicious options to choose from!

Bootleggers, Seapoint:

Bootleggers is pretty much a combination of the two I just mentioned, Jarryd’s and Melissa’s. Its in the beautiful, trendy Seapoint and it keeps the items on its breakfast menu super simple, but well done. I don’t actually order benedicts often, its usually something my boyfriend gets and I have a little taste  (as you do) – but this was one time I decided I would. It had been a fairly “intense” weekend and on Sunday morning I felt like nothing more than a good benny. The food came really quickly and their eggs benedict was simple, with toasted sourdough instead of English muffins and a super silky hollandaise. It definitely hit the spot and paired with their incredible coffees, Bootleggers is somewhere you can get your brunch fix.

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