October Favorites!


Once again, super late to the “monthly favorites” post, due to exams and tons of Uni work! But I thought I would do one anyway – because there were a few things I loved in October!


I am usually not one to gravitate towards a “proper” series – as I’m rather a big fan of reality TV (embarrassingly). But ‘Narcos’ definitely proved to be an exception. Its based on the life of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and the mind-blowing life he lived. Its not only filled with action, but also exceptionally interesting!

Rocking the Daisies:

This was my third year going to the South African music festival Rocking the Daisies. A weekend you always leave exhausted, mildly hungover and very dusty. But none the less this summery weekend is always the most fun – insane music, food, drinks and all your friends, its a full proof fun time. (bare in mind, if its really windy or rainy, it may quickly transform into one of the worst weekends of your life. I don’t vouch for staying in a minute tent for 3 days avoiding the weather.)

Yoga with Adriene:

During my exam time, I was super exhausted and drained – sitting at my desk, working and stressing 24/7. Yoga with Adriene is a youtube channel run by a super fit and talented yoga instructor. She has yoga for just about any day – whether you’re feeling energetic or if you’re a bit anxious and stressed out. It was a really lovely break from my studying, as well as being relaxing and an overall great workout!

Woolworths low carb granola “Vanilla and Coconut”:

I cannot begin to explain how much of this stuff I’ve eaten in the past month. It is super delicious as well as containing tons of nutrients and no refined sugars! I’ve loved it as a quick snack throughout the day as well as making an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast – as “cereal” or sprinkled on top of smoothie bowls! I am mildly obsessed with this (and so is my roommate); its definitely a product to try!

Coconut Milk:

A simple ingredient that has so many amazing uses – in curries, smoothies, deserts and even in beauty products! I’ve loved coconut milk and cream this month, especially in my coffee and breakfasts. Its super rich and delicious as well as being super nutritious! My favorite uses for it would probably be in Thai curries and in my coconut ice cream (which is incredible and you HAVE to try it – the recipes on the blog!)

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